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We bring our knowledge and expertise to your project through a range of customized, targeted services to help you achieve your goals:

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We bring our knowledge and expertise to your project through a range of customized, targeted services to help you achieve your goals:

Solar Site Assessment and System Design Service

Green Depot provides in depth assessment of the solar energy potential for specific building sites — whether it be your home, your business, or a future building site. We provide you with the information needed to determine if solar energy production of hot water or electricity is a viable option for your site.

The solar assessment gives you:

1. We will determine how much energy you can potentially produce at your site using the solar resource available at your specific location.
2. How much of the solar resource can be utilized on your site. How much sun does your site actually receive during the year in terms of which hours during the day during the years does your site receive enough energy from the sun to make productive use of it’s energy.
3. Determine which location with in your site gives you the best solar gain and identify potential sun blocks at your site.
4. Evaluate your electrical system to determine how it will best interface with solar power production.
5. Assess the best scenarios for mounting the solar panels and associated hardware – whether rooftop, ground mounted, pole mounted, or a tracking solar array
6. You will receive a fully designed system for your site. We will determine the maximum number of panels that can fit for your site.

The site assessment and design is a valuable tool to have for your homes. Whether or not you yourself use it to install solar power. You may keep it for future use or you may pass it on the folks that purchase your home for their use in the future. The cost of the site assessment and system design is returned to you if you choose to purchase the system through Green Depot for your site.

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